26 JulBathroom renovations Perth — 3 ways experts can help you

Bathroom renovations are usually the first task people consider when renovating their homes. It seems counter intuitive but a bathroom is an important part of our house. For most people, they consider their bathroom as their favourite room in their home and they feel it downright aggravating when it is already outdated and uncomfortable.

Bathroom renovations Perth

Luckily for homeowners, bathroom renovations can be easily and quickly done especially if it is small sized. With the help of experts, you can a wide variety of options you can effectively use for your bathroom upgrades. Bathroom renovation projects will never be successful without proper planning and preparations.

Experts can guide you how to plan everything out and consult with you some of the important things such as:

  •  The type of look you want to create for your bathroom

Perhaps the most exciting part of bathroom renovation is choosing the right combination of colours and designs of the materials that you are going to use. Experts are good at test. They will ask you what theme you want to have and they can suggest you a list of colour and design combination to choose from.

  • The budget you need for the particular project

Once you decided what style you want to have, you need to consider your budget. Bathroom renovation is generally expensive so you need to ask yourself how much you’re willing to invest. Experts can help you understand what things you need to buy and how much you need to invest.

  • The functionalities you want your new bathroom to have

Do you want your bathroom to have special fixtures such as Jacuzzi, entertainment showcase or exercise facilities? This is the step wherein you will decide what features you want to add to your bathroom aside from the basic features which include shower, faucet and bathtub.

These are the things to consider when making a bathroom renovation. To learn more about this topic, visit Smart Style Bathrooms for further information.


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31 AugWhy I’m more likely to have impostor syndrome

Many people nowadays feel that they don’t belong to the group or circle they are in. They are afraid that their friends and colleagues are going to discover that they are fraud; inferior, less talented and they don’t actually deserve their careers and accomplishments.

Perth News

Impostor Syndrome

Do these feelings sound familiar to you? If so, you’re one of those people who suffer from “impostor syndrome” or the feeling you’re an inadequate and incompetent failure, despite evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful. There are some great achievers here in Perth and around the world feel deep down that their accomplishments are just the result of serendipitous luck.

According to Valerie Young, an expert on Impostor Syndrome and of a book on the subject, The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women, there are patterns in people who experience impostor feelings:

The first category is the “Perfectionist” or those who set extremely high expectations for themselves, and even if they meet 99% of their goals, they’re going to feel like failures.  When they fail to reach a goal, they experience major self-doubt and worry about measuring up.

The next category is the “Experts” or the people who feel the need to know every piece of information before they start a project and constantly look for new certifications or trainings to improve their skills.

Another category is the “Natural Genius” or those set their internal bar impossibly high, just like perfectionists. But natural genius types don’t just judge themselves based on almost impossible expectations, they also judge themselves based on getting things right on the first try.

Finally, there is the “Soloist” or the people who feel they have to accomplish tasks on their own, and if they need to ask for help, they lose their confidence thinking that means they are a failure or a fraud.

Do you want to evaluate your self if you have the impostor syndrome? Read this to find out: https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life-and-relationships/why-i-m-more-likely-to-have-impostor-syndrome-20180828-p5009l.html

23 MayPerth’s Best Burgers: Perth’s Burger Kings

Burger joints seem to be popping up all over the place in Perth. Who can resist a comforting meal of a juicy burger, hot fries, and a cold beverage or smooth shake?

Western Australians love burger and this love for this certain food has allowed burger business to become a multi million dollar industry. And because of burger’s popularity, many thought of starting their own burger joint, which makes burger business so competitive and difficult.

When you start a burger business, it means that you’ll be competing against a large number of establishments ranging from small burger joints to giant burger franchises. To ensure long-term success of your newly created burger business, you need to make a lot of planning and attention to detail.

Doing some research is always a crucial step whatever type of business you want to start. With your burger business, you first need to study the local burgers here in Perth. Identify the voids in the burger market and ascertain strategies that your burger enterprise can fill those.

Also, consider your burger business’s location options while conducting your research. That’s because the location can impact the business’s target market. Once you’ve found the perfect place to do business, the next step is to buy and install all necessary equipment and inventory. Be sure to secure all the required licenses and permits, as mandated by the City of Perth.

The data that you gathered from your research about your competitors can be used for your business plan especially with what type of burgers you should be offering to your customers. You can also include the customer strategies that you think will work at your business plan’s marketing section.

When it comes to burgers in Perth, we have plenty of good choices. To help you understand what Perth customers love about burgers and what you can add to your product to make them love it more than the others, read this: https://soperth.com.au/perths-best-burgers-perths-burger-kings-21438

21 JulManaging Money

Australian Dollar


What makes someone profitable when they start their own small business? Every new small business owner wants the answer to this question. The truth is, if you want to make a lot of money with your small business in the long term, you should look for ways in which can manage your cash flow.

Controlling money is an important key towards your business’ success. As a new entrepreneur, you should have what it takes to money management. If not, it’s either time to improve your skills or find someone who can manage it for you. Without tight control over the finances of a budding home based business, there is no telling what the future may or may not hold.

When talking about managing money, it does not mean that you can’t spend money. In fact that is a huge mistake that people make. The trick is to learn how to spend money the right way (which brings in more profits) instead of the wrong way (which results in more debts).

In your small business, you should have a budget and it should be done carefully. You should know how to analyse numbers and keep up on determining where your money is going, where areas you can cut cost how you can save.

Saving cash for your business is a great way to find true success because you will have those funds to use time and time again when you do need them. For more on money management, check this out: https://www.business.qld.gov.au/running-business/finances-cash-flow/managing-money

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09 May8 things that set truly confident people apart


Many new entrepreneurs in the City of Perth these days often feel that they just don’t have the bold confidence necessary to succeed in business. Perhaps, these entrepreneurs need a boost in their business confidence. Or maybe, you just need confidence to take the first step because you are just getting started.

Confidence means a lot in business. One of the most important confidence-builders is to know that you know what you are doing! You probably have so many great business ideas but you don’t have the know-how to make it happen. You need to teach yourself about how to market your product or service such as knowing your competition, how you can reach your demographic and what kinds of advertising should you do. If you do not have knowledge about business, you should definitely hire a business coach or attend business workshops to educate yourself.

Once you know what to do, the next step is being focused. You really can’t boldly march forward if you don’t know what direction you’re going in. Take some time to focus on your business. Evaluate your business and determine your goals.

Finally, you need to believe on yourself. Use your positive thinking just like how great entrepreneurs believed in them when they were new just like you.

What sets truly confident people apart from the rest? Read this article to find out: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/08/8-things-that-set-truly-confident-people-apart.html

18 Jan9 things you can do today to be more productive tomorrow

Typing Email

If your organisation is plagued by substandard employee productivity, you really need to change or do something to make your workers motivated and become more productive. Otherwise, your business will lose a lot especially if you depend on your employee’s productivity and engagement to work.

In an organisation, the employees are the most valuable assets. Keeping them engaged and motivated is the key to a successful, highly productive workforce. Some managers are able to boost their employees’ productivity level by providing them with some incentives, but there are others who need an occasional jump-start. When handled effectively, the result can be greater productivity and increased employee morale.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t understand the right techniques on how to motivate their employees. They are under constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability and revenue growth. However, they don’t realise that it often overshadows the importance of how an unengaged workforce can negatively affect corporate performance.

There are a number of factors that affects your employees’ productivity. Each employee is an individual and the things that affect them negatively in the workplace are unique. Whatever the factors may be, your business must understand how to identify the root of employee behaviour and how it relates to low productivity so that you can establish strategies to improve it.

Learn more about productivity by reading this: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/things-you-can-do-today-to-be-more-productive-tomorrow-2017-1

21 NovDeal-Making 101: The Basics Explained

What are business deals? Basically, business deals are agreements between the various parties that indulge in commercial activities with each other. The business deals contain the various details of the transactions between the parties that are executing the business.

There are different kinds of business deals. Business transaction does not alone involve merchandise, like purchasing and selling/supplying of items needed by a certain company. It may also deal with services such as maintenance, janitorial, professional and many more. A business deal could also be in a form of merger and acquisition. As per this type, one company buys a certain portion of or the total company itself. If a business transaction is entered into by a company to a company, it should have legal contact.

When business transactions are entered by big companies, they are usually taken care of their respective company lawyers from the discussion, to the terms and conditions, and up and not limited to the preparation of the legal form needed to make their transaction official.

Relationship is a key point, it is useful if you can build a relation with the person that you are looking to do business with. You need to be confident and show them that you are a real person who knows what you are doing. A key point is that people do business; they have lives, and families etc, so basically you are looking to do business with a person, and not a faceless organisation.

If you want to learn the fundamentals of deal-making, you should read this article from Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/brentbeshore/2013/05/15/deal-making-101-the-basics-explained/#563901ea474b

04 OctThree Ways to Transform A Brand Through Social Media

Planning to start your own business? If you want to become a good business owner, you should know how to adjust to the changing times. You need to use modern marketing strategies for you to be able to get a broader audience. Social media branding could very well be probably the most widely used modern technique today. It is the most convenient way of getting a large audience and advertising your brand without having to spend a dime.


However, not all firms can succeed branding their product or service on social media. Social media branding is more than simply having people follow you. It is about getting their interest and turning that into two things: recommendations and profits. You ought to make a lasting effect on your present and potential clients.

Remember all these suggestions in mind. You need to set your goals: improving your sales and getting new clients might be your primary goal for creating pages on such websites. Nevertheless, these shouldn’t be your only goals. You also need to identify what message would you like to give your readers or viewers. You’ll be able to come up with more interesting, high-quality materials when you’ve got a specific message or goal in mind.

In order to reach the top of social media branding, you need to become exceptional. You can do this by building your image, updating regularly, setting benchmarks, etc.

For more details, click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/advertising-week/three-ways-to-transform-a_b_12235928.html

23 AugThe Best Time to Launch a Startup Is Also the Worst Time

If you want to achieve money, freedom, and fulfilment all at the same time, then it is about time that you start your own business. Starting your own business is an opportunity available to millions in Australia, but with every opportunity there come liabilities. As smart business people, we are compelled to consider the advantages… and disadvantages, of a start up business.

Understanding the benefits and disadvantages of running your own business is important before you decide to start. To begin with, let us first know the pros:

Freedom is the number one benefit of entrepreneurship. Since the presence of freedom allows for all the other benefits we find in life, it stands to reason freedom would have to be at the top of the list of pros for starting your own business.

The second benefit is money. Entrepreneurship can give you unlimited opportunities to earn money. You may be able to secure a decent salary at a good company, but the money you can make in private enterprise dwarfs it many times over.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurship also has disadvantages. The advantages of small business are many, but security is not one of them. Why? The lack of security is a cost you pay to gain a benefit: freedom.

Secondly, the stress of starting your own business and running it successfully can be hellish. When you are boss, you pay the bills, you pay the suppliers, you pay the fees, and you have to make sure YOU get paid so you can pay everyone else. It isn’t easy.

Now that you learn the pros and cons of starting a business, your next job is to get prepared and know when the perfect timing to begin is.

To know the best time to launch a startup business, read this: http://tech.co/best-time-launch-startup-also-worst-time-2016-08

04 Feb10 reasons your best employees are quitting

Perth BusinessAccording to some research conducted, small businesses could grow if they are more effective in managing their employees. In fact, many business experts in Western Australia and all over the world agree completely. That is one of the reasons many have been so actively supportive of strong employee management programs for small businesses.

Many business owners start out as a single person business entity and many never want to change. They do not want to bother and want to grow to the point where they need their employees. But for those who want to grow, or have no other option but to grow, you will definitely need a strong employee management.

Small businesses especially must be more effective, because the affect a single person has on a small company is greater than the affect a single person may have on a larger company. Every person on the team should have the skills needed to play his or her role effectively. For this reason, you need to make sure that all your employees are good at what they do.

However, one of the biggest problems small business owners face is losing their best employees. It’s either they quit and start their own business or look for a bigger company that can give bigger benefits.

Read this article to learn the 10 reasons why your best employees are quitting: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-your-best-employees-quit-2016-1

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